Saturday, June 28, 2008

Constitutional Package Suggested By PPP


Constitutional Package

18th Amendment Act 2008 proposes validation of Ordinances under 270AAA

Package proposes restoration of judges

No court to validate extra-constitutional measures

Commission to be set up for appointment of judges

Judges Commission to comprise Chief Justices and Law Minister

Commission to propose two panels to PM, who shal forward one name to Joint Parliamentary Committee

Retirement age of judges proposed to be 68 years

Term of Chief Justice of Pakistan

One fixed Constitutional term for Chief Justice proposed

Ad-hoc judges proposed to be appointed for one year

Jurisdiction of Supreme Court on public interest litigation redefined

10 pct seats for women in High Courts

Judicial Commission to comprise retired non-politicized judges

Amendment proposes renaming NWFP to Pakhtunkhawa

Subversion of the constitution to be treated as high treason

Courts condoning such acts should also be treated as guilty of treason

Maximum two terms for President in office

Neutral set up in consultation with speaker and chairman senate

Seats for non-Muslims to be elected by Pas and Senate

No disqualification for criticizing Army officers holding civil posts

Bill to be presented to President for assent if Joint Sitting passes it

Article 71 to be omitted

Federal Government to consist of Prime Minister and Ministers

National Assembly to meet on the 30th day following the election

After election of Speakers, NA to elect a Muslim member as Prime Minister

Prime Minister to be elected by majority members of the NA

No-confidence motion to require 20 pct members of NA, and name of successor

Vote on no-confidence motion within 3-7 days

Senior Federal Minister to act as PM if the office becomes vacant

President to be replaced with Federal Government in Article 99, 100

Council of Common Interest to include opposition leaders in Senate, NA

CCI to meet biannually at least

NEC to be reconstituted under proposed package

NFC after every three years

High Court for Islamabad Capital Territory also proposed

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