Saturday, June 28, 2008

Citizen's Role in Present Scenario

Citizen's Role in Present Scenario :Major(R)Khalid Nasr

The main focus of the PPP regime on fighting the war of US-led west in our own territory and run the country the way the west wants.PPP Government's Advisor for Internal Affairs appear to be a spokes person of USA.Local conditions are bad: law and order is deteriorating; crimes are rising; and several civil wars are going on. Economic trends are ringing alarm bells about an eventual meltdown in not too distant a future, if things continue going wrong.Prices of consumer goods & utilities are increasing day by day. Utility Bills are becoming unaffordable.
The secret of success is people’s power.Should the people unite behind right or adequate leadership, they can achieve almost anything.People’s power cannot be defeated by any big or small army, foreign or local.The problem is that we do not have a visionary leadership.Our political leaders are just focusing on their own vested interests.
The overriding task is to bring back democratic freedoms for the people alongwith rule of law, separation of powers, independent judiciary and a responsive government that would run the economy for the benefit of the impoverished masses rather than serve the interests of the few rich. That has to be done.
Now look as to what really is going on in the shape of political polarizations and warfare. The one war that the regime is fighting alongwith America and its allies is against Islamic terrorism and extremism, specifically the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda. The second is against local Taliban because of their rebellion inside Pakistan territories, both in tribal areas and in settled districts of NWFP, although their depredations are not confined only to the NWFP. Even Islamabad has had its taste. The third is the guerilla war of Balochistan Liberation Army against Pakistan Army. This is the second civil war within the country.
The master solution remains mass political action, with the caveat that it should remain non-violent and as constitutional as possible, though not totally restricted to what the government orders. The ultimate goals must be spelled even for the benefit of the new leadership. It has also to be educated on matters of foreign, economic and other policies.This is a good reason why they need to be supported and helped into becoming good economy managers and good foreign policy formulators. This can be done by the intelligentsia through a free intercourse of ideas in the country as reconstruction begins to take shape.The citizens of Pakistan must understand the delaying tactics of their leaders and take a proactive action---the results of the by--elections must be considered seriously.Electing the right leaders is the prime responsibilty of any civilized nation.

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